Valentine Cakes

Sweet Way
Sweet Way Rs. 1699 | $ 26.14Buy Now
Enamoured Rs. 1699 | $ 26.14Buy Now
Candles of Joy
Candles of Joy Rs. 1899 | $ 29.22Buy Now
True Love
True Love Rs. 1899 | $ 29.22Buy Now
Night & Day
Night & Day Rs. 1999 | $ 30.75Buy Now
Goddess of love
Goddess of love Rs. 1999 | $ 30.75Buy Now
Flower N Cake Bonanja
Flower N Cake Bonanja Rs. 1999 | $ 30.75Buy Now
Joyful Giving
Joyful Giving Rs. 2699 | $ 41.52Buy Now
Eureka Rs. 2999 | $ 46.14Buy Now

Delightful Valentine Cakes for Grand Valentine Celebration

Cakes are well-known as the true pals of all occasions. If your man has a weak spot for creamy, luscious, and yummy cakes, is all set to entice his taste buds with its exotic variety of cakes. Cakes are sweet, sumptuous and can trickle your lover’s sweet senses within a chunk. The heavenly bite when melts in the mouth give a wonderful feeling and will compel him to have more, more, and more!

Your celebration of love is incomplete without valentine cakes and we are here to suffuse more sweetness to your joyous moments with our luscious assortment of cakes. From butterscotch cakes to strawberry cakes, black forest cakes to vanilla cakes, we have a lot more to tantalize you and your love.

Make your valentine celebration sweeter with our sweet treats like ‘Printed heart chocolate’ and ‘Rose heart chocolate’. Why not try out something different in the department of sweet? Yes, here we are talking about special sweet hampers like ‘Pure Love’, which includes bouquet of red roses and cake of rich dark chocolate flavor. Add a touch of perfection with arrangements like ‘Soulful that is crafted with vibrant red roses and vanilla cake. Along with these, we have a lot more to jazz up your day.